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Educator I Mental Health Counselor I Success Coach I Writer

About Visha Bhayee


A senior people development expert with 18 years’ experience - recognized for leveraging educational theories and methodologies to design, develop, and deliver successful training interventions, coaching clinics and change transformation initiatives, across multiple hierarchies and industries in the region.

• As a Master Trainer -
Visha has managed a training portfolio encompassing 120 countries - trained over 50,000 professionals across AP & EEMEA, and certified Trainers from 50+ countries.
Visha helps organizations strengthen their human capital by adopting a non-traditional approach to learning and development, comprising of multi-layered needs assessments, bespoke learning programs and ROI accountability.

• As a Certified NLP Success Coach -
Visha works with professionals, helping them transcend hurdles and achieve personal and professional excellence, by providing apt structure, skills and support.

• As a Mental Health Counselor (MPsy) -
Visha helps individuals cope with and overcome emotional blocks and behavioral disorders.

• As a Writer -
Through her articles and posts, Visha informs and inspires by sharing ideas, tips and strategies, in the areas of mental health and self development.

• As an advocate of "Happiness at Work" and "Workplace Humanization" -
Visha helps corporations manage “change,” and achieve positive behavioral and cultural transformations, for enhanced engagement and productivity.


The HERO Rising series of workshops and coaching programs, are based on Visha Bhayee's Signature HERO Success Model.

HERO Rising adopts a holistic approach to skill development, behavioral transformation and personal breakthrough.

HERO Rising series of workshops are based on the powerful concepts of psychology, NLP, neuroscience and emotional intelligence.

Bespoke workshops are tailored to suit you and your organization's buisness needs.​​




"Visha Bhayee; seldom does one come across such an inspiring personality, professionalism at its best, astute command off her audiences, a true teacher and a rare breed indeed." - Sam Ahmed, Sales Guru, Dubai

"Visha's coaching sessions helped me overcome a difficult phase of my life" - Chef Rickson, Dubai 

"Visha is an amazing human being and a great counselor. She helped me accept and love myself. " Sunday Lee, Artist, Singapore

"I attended Visha Bhayee's presentation in 2000. The hall was brimming with more than 1000 people. Her powerful presentation left a lasting impression on me. My downlines and I have all beniffited a lot from Visha Madam's training and support." - Shilpa Negi, Network Marketing leader, India 

Visha has got an excellent understanding of the class room strength and she accordingly drives the training in the best possible way. She is someone who is humble but at the same time a great leader. She is one of best trainers, I have come across in my career till now."
- Krishna Giridharan, Senior Consultant, India

Visha is one of my mentors; someone whom i always love to learn things from and apply it in my professional career.  A fantastic person and an excellent trainer having the ability to recognize the level of training required by an individual." - Glen, Regional Manager, International Logistics, India

"Visha has Immense level of patience, of listening to her colleagues and find solutions in a win-win situation." - Prateek Gautam, Sr. Consultant, Real Estate, Dubai

Visha has a unique way of transferring any knowledge to audience in the most simplest form while paying attention to quality and learning outcome." - Duaa Mourad, Real Estate Broker, Dubai

"Visha is a professional and passionate trainer and coach, who goes beyond just developing content and delivering training. This makes people happy to work with her and most importantly motivated." - Badri Farkouh, CEO, Insurance, Dubai

"The leadership workshop with Visha gave us temendrous insight. Our senior team members enjoyed the workshop and the fun activities kept us going throughout" - Uzma Mazhar, School Vice Principal, Dubai

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- Visha Bhayee

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